Early December is always a special time in our house – it’s our little man’s birthday!  This year is extra special as it’s Caleb’s first year in school and a chance to share some sweet birthday treats with his classmates and friends.   Since I am NOT a baker and don’t pretend to be, we decided to jazz up a couple batches of no-bake Rice Krispies treats.  Not only are these classic confections a breeze to make, but kids can get in on the fun too, personalizing the treats with funky designs and their initials and age. We used cookie cutters to make birthday cake and star cutouts, then adorned our treats with icing, M&M’s, and sprinkles. We needed at least 20 so we started by making two batches of the treats.  I followed the recipe for Christmas star cutouts on ricekrispies.com  It’s pretty much the standard Rice Krispies treats recipe, but I prepared them on a 15 x 10 x 1-inch baking sheet, instead of a smaller baking dish so they were slightly flatter for pressing with the cookie cutter.


Sur la Table has a great selection of cookie cutters, including a birthday cake and basic star.   Make sure to spray the cutter with cooking spray or coat with butter before pressing into the sticky treats for clean cut-outs!

After making the treats and cutting them out into our birthday designs, we laid them out on wax paper and started decorating!  Not only is this a great project for getting kids interesting in cooking or baking, but it’s the perfect opportunity to make math learning fun.  For the recipe, Caleb helped me count out 6 cups of Rice Krispies.  After cutting out the shapes, he counted up the number of cakes and stars.  As we decorated, Caleb counted out 4-5 M&M’s for each star, and one yellow M&M for the “candle” on top of each cake.

The creative possibilities are endless with these treat designs!  To celebrate Caleb’s birthday, some cakes were decorated with “4’s” and others had a big “C.”  The best part about making our gooey creations (besides the fairly low mess and clean up factor) was the chance to spend an afternoon with our little guy, creating a birthday snack he was proud of and excited to share with his school buddies.